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Dear Egyptian brothers and sisters,
your dictators may be gone by now, but the real enemy of Egypt and of the Egyptians is still there, and this real enemy is your money system, the WITH-INTEREST-BURDENED-MONEYSYSTEM. Why is this your enemy?
First, let's look at the economic situation in Egypt since the change of power. Mubarak is gone, but the real problem is still there.
Economic experts judge the situation in Egypt as catastrophic, because: Egypt is broke, bankrupt, the Egyptians stand or stood in line at their banks, rather bankaccounts, the White House feares flight of capital and U.S. and NATO are concernd about damage of the financial market. What is currently Egypts debt? Answer: About $ 50 billion, owed to Egypt's official exploiters, banksters and/ or creditors USA, Germany, etc. etc. I believe more the statement of a former CIA chief, who indicates the number of $ 85 billion public debt in Egypt. But lets stick with $
As perverse as it may sound: Egyptian President Mubarak's debts are, or were, assets. But for HIM, not for the egyptians. They say, he robbed 40 to 50 billion dollars from the egyptian people. Even if he would PAY BACK that money, your debt would only be paid for a short time, it would accumulate again to the height of today AND HIGHER. I will explain why.
But first: What about the socalled economic growth? All nations on earth demand it. But it is SICK, or rather a sick trick of the banksters and their OneWorldOrder bosses. Because such expansion is only needed, to catch up with the daily accumulating excessive compound interest on the national debt, and not at all for the benefit of the people. Because the exploiters of egypt DONT want the debt to be payed back, THEY WANT THE INTEREST, the compound interest. That is their secured income, without working for it.
An example is the Central Bank of Egypt in 2009, local interest rates by 50 basic points (100 basic points equals 1%) to a value of 12 percent increased for borrowed money. Thus, the central bank tried to stabilize the rising inflation in the country. Attempt failed. So now your national debt is about, lets underestimate it, $ 50 Billion. Interest rate about 10 % per year, which means that you have to pay about § 5 BILLION interest per year, or about (included compound interest) $ 50 MILLION per day. PER DAY. You see now why the bankster dont want you to pay back your national debt? They cash in (or demand…) each day FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS and soon more, without themselves working one bit for it.

We pay in Germany three hundred million euros interest per day! THREEHUNDRED MILLION EURO PER DAY! National debt: About 1,8 Billion Euro. No wonder Germany is broke too. We are much poorer than you, we just dont know it yet! And no matter how hard you work or try to repay your debts – exactly that increases the debt, precisely because of its continuosly growing compound interest! Why is this so?
Banks promise you interest, if you give them your money, or as long as you have the money deposited in the bank account. This promise is an inhuman, criminal joke, as we shall see. The following example shows, how powerful and yet how dangerous the cancer of compound interest overflows the planet.
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Suppose, dear egyptians , someone would have placed at the birth of the Prophet Mohammed (or at the birth of Jesus Christ as well) only ONE FILS on the bank at only 5% interest; the heir of that money would today be able to by BILLIONS of gold planets, each of size and weight of the earth, just by the amount of interest money, accumulated since then, compounded from ONE FILS or CENT at that time. How so? Because the interest (at 5%) doubles approximately each year. That amounts to this sum total. Therefore no banker can promise to you, that he will always pay you interest on your money. Dear Egyptians, this disgraces also your holy symbol, the pyramid, because the interest-burdened-money system is nothing more than a criminal and actually illegal pyramid – money – scheme, in which a few win and the rest pays. But noone puts the inventors of THAT scheme behind bars!?
You think now, one fils cant increase by compound interest into the value of BILLIONS of gold planets throughout over a thousand years?? It can. Because the interest (of lets say 5 % per year) of only on ONE FILS (or take cent or whatever small coin value), as already said, doubles each seven years. You still dont believe, that it can amount to such an astronomical amount of money? Then read this:
In ancient persia a clever man invented for his king the chessboard. The king was very greatful and wanted to repay the genious man with a present. The man only wanted …rice, and at the same time he wanted to teach the king a lesson in mathematics. So he said:“Noble Sire, all I want is rice. One grain of rice for the first field of the chessboard, two grains of rice for the second field, four grains of rice for the third, eight for the fourth and so on." The king was astonished. "What a modest wish that is, but so be it!“ He ordered to fulfill the wish of the genious man. Servants immediately brought a bag of rice and prepared themselves to fill the squares on the chessboard, according to the wishes of the inventor. Soon they discovered, that a bag of rice would not be enough, so they brought more. 64 fields had to be „filled“ on the game of chess. Already the tenth field had to be filled for the chess inventor with 512 grains. At the 21st Field, there were already over a million grains. And to fill the 64th chessfield there would not be enough rice in the entire world…
The king had learned his lesson.
Question: If the bank since birth of mohammed or also of christ would have payed to you, the heir of that investment, EACH YEAR the interest to that one fils or cent, to how much money would THAT have accumulated until today? The answer: To approximately ONE DOLLAR! You understand now the great Henry Ford, when he once said: „If the people knew, how our money system really works, there would revolution before morning!”
And as these grains of rice were growing in number, so does the compound interest grow day after day, crushing finally EVERY nation of the world under the burden of compound interest and delivering it in the hands of the banks or rather their TRUE owners, whom you will meet soon in this book…
And WHY, dear Egyptian, was and is the main enemy of Egypt not Mubarak, not even the United States and Germany etc. etc., which have enslaved Egypt and the Egyptians for over 30 years and plundered them? Because the main enemy of Egypt, the main enemy of ALL systems, be they communist, capitalist, socialist, dictatorial, monarchist, anarchist or religious or whatever, that main enemy is THE WITH INTEREST BURDENED MONEYSYSTEM, and the criminal inventors of such system. That perverse money scheme has driven all countries of the world into unrepayable national debt, into bankruptcy, and it is responsible for all the misery in the world.
And guess what: All religions PROHIBIT the giving and taking of interest, but in vain. And IF a bank follows that religious demand, it gets the money through trickery otherwise, often in worst manner than with interest charges. All this is bad.
Dear Egyptians, over 60% of you are young. Let yourself not be enslaved by the lies or habits of the old! You have destroyed your enemies and driven them out! Now fight against the last real enemy, who threatens the life and scecurity of you and your children and your grandchildren. That enemy is THE WITH INTEREST BURDENED MONEYSYSTEM. Eliminate it, exchange it for a INTEREST FREE MONEY SYSTEM! IT is the answer to all questions and will solve all social and economical problems in the world.
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The principle of interest-free-money will now be described here in this excerpt of my book

The Wörgl experiment.

The time of the of the Middle Ages, early gothic era, was a very happy time for the people. A prosperous middle class, nice buildings, which still today can be seen in the few undamaged cities of Dinkelsbühl, Rothenburg, Lübeck, etc. Arts and crafts flourished, witnessed by the still existing tops of the ornate churches and houses of the early gothic era. This wide spread prosperity was not just the result of continuous performance or improvement of economic growth, but rather the result of a money which decreased in value, and thus was FORCED into circulation. It was INTEREST FREE MONEY. They had a „five-day week“ , as the "Blue Monday" was in most guilds a day off work. The middleclass was extremely rich in those days. For over 300 years all went well, but then the greedy bankers established again the interest burdend money system, until…

…A „few years“ later:

The power of the interest FREE money system was proven in 1932/33 in Wörgl / Tirol with great success. It was ALTERNATIVE MONEY again in the sense of "perishable" Money. Here´s what happened: The funds of the little townWörgl were almost empty. To replenish them, the mayor made the following unconventional decision: He convinced all citizens of Wörgl to put socalled „loss-money“ in circulation. These bills would lose each month a percent of their value, forcing them thus into circulation. They had bills of 1S, 5S and 10S. But what about the merchants? Would they accept this "loss money"? They did. Landlord and merchant accepted these "work certificates." Municipal taxes and water bills were paid exclusively in these work certificates, which meant, wandering from the bank to the workers, the baker, butcher, hairdresser, etc. and back tot he bank. The reason why the currency was called „Schwundgeld“ or "loss money" was now this: They decided a monthly loss of value per bill of 1%, or 12% annually. The town sold chips with a value of 1.5 or 10 pence, who had to be glued at the beginning of the month on the bills. Were they missing, the bills value was 1% less. Dear reader, this may sound absurd to you, but the value of money lies in its de-valuation or in its loss of value.
For over a year the Fed did not interfere, the town of Wörgl flourished and prospered. Now other communities were preparing to copy the same interest free money principle, or to follow this example. That was when the Federal Reserve stepped in and stopped the interest free money system.
But you can´t stop the truth, neither can you hide it forever. Now the time has come, to REVIVE the INTEREST FREE MONEY SYSTEM.
Dear reader I know that you have tons of questions, but believe me, THEY ALL are answered in this book.


Well, that was then. How can we today establish the principle of interest-free money completely legally, even parallel to any other currency in Egypt? That
is explained in detail in my book THE INTEREST FREE MONEY SYSTEM, which you may download here for free. Read it and then DO SOMETHING PLEASE! SPREAD THE MESSAGE!

Love and Light


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