Charles Kindleberger 1910-2003

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Charles Kindleberger 1910-2003

In recent decades, in which the economy became more and more of a special science, in Kindleberger understood as "literary" Wissenschaftler.Where his colleagues rushed to models he preferred to leave his education and his vast experience.
As a military and employees of the U.S. financial and foreign ministry and the Federal Reserve Kindleberger was with pretty much all interesting plans and decisions in Europe during World War II and immediately thereafter involved-for example, as office manager for German and Austrian affairs in the U.S. State Department for the Marshall Plan .
Crises can occur after Kindleberger whenever new markets through economic upheaval or industries entstehen.The exploitation of these new possibilities often leads to an overstatement in the financial markets, which are then must.Crisis collapse at some point so a normal concomitant fact of doing business.
With the debt crisis in the developing world, however begann modern economists, with Kindleberger to Employ.Latestens after the stock market crash of 1987, 1197/98 of the Asian crisis and the bursting of the tech bubble was his experience in the field of stock market bubbles and crises ever more important.
This is in addition to growth and prosperity also just about the distribution of wealth.
A stable world economy does not develop selbst.Sie is a public good.
"For a global economic system is stable in the long run, it requires a stabilizer, a hegemon." Charles Kindleberger

It needs a leadingnation.This leading nation should include the following tasks:
1.The maintain a relative stable market
2.The provision of stable credit
3.The stabilization of exchange rates
4.The coordination of monetary and fiscal policy
5.Overtaking the position as a lender of last resort and refuge in situations

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