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A brief overview of speculative excesses

Holland Tulip mania 1636-1637
Exotic tulip bulbs, real estate, shares of the Dutch East India Company

Mississippi Plan 1719-1720 France
Shares of the Compagnie des Indes, and the Mississippi Company, Banque Generale banknotes

South Sea Bubble in 1720 England
Shares of the English South Sea Company, government bonds

Waterloo speculation England 1815-1816
Commodities and Trade with the U.S.

Wildcat banking boom in 1837 USA
Cotton, country, silver, banks in the Wild West out their own money gave

Railway boom 1847-1857, 1873 England, Europe, USA
Shares of railroad companies, real estate, wheat, building materials

Precious Metal mania 1893 USA, Australia
Silver, gold, gold mining, land

Money panic in 1907 France, Italy, USA
Coffee, railroads, bank loans

Post-war boom and bust 1920-1921 England, USA
Equities, commodities, ships, land in Florida

Great Crash, Great Depression 1929-1938 USA
Shares, mostly bought on credit, investment trusts

Black Monday, 1987 U.S., world economy
Shares, luxury homes, Dollar

Japan Inc. 1990 - .... Japan
Stocks in the Nikkei, Real Estate

Asian crisis in 1997, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, including
Real estate, bank loans, local currencies and equities

1996-2001 technology bubble USA, World Economy
Stocks, particularly technology, Internet and biotechnology stocks

U.S. housing bubble 2002-2007, World Economic
Real estate purchases by households with increasing debt burden

Globalization-bubble 1983 - .... World Economy
Stocks, companies, real estate, hedge funds, currencies, production sites

Not considered here in the list are the periodic Latin American
Crises that continue to speculate in gold and silver 1978-1980, the speculation in Germany
Builders models 1976-1980 and the rise of hedge funds since about 2000.

love and light

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