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"Statements about the federal or. Reseve Federal System in The Great Conspiracy of the House of Morgan HW Loucks.

Curtis B. Dall, son of President Roosevelt, accused the Federal Reserve Bank, the stock market crash of having caused the 1929 "The federal banking system has the people that taken from them by the Constitution assured authority, through their representatives [the government] to print money to leave and to owe anyone other than themselves selbst.Over night, the Bundesbank had raised the "call rate" [forced sale within 24 hours] to 20%. Since the shareholders their papers in such a short time and at such a rate increase could not push off, many of them remained only the jump from the window. "
Governor Adolph C. Miller of the inquiry committee of the American Federal Bank: "If we could get rid of the Federal Bank, we would be much better off."

Henry Ford: "The main objective of the Federal bank, the world control by the creation of unpayable debt."
The seconded Louis T. MC. Fadden before the House of Representatives: "some people think the Federal Bank is a state institution it is, it not.The Federal Bank in America and Europe is a private credit monopoly which deceives the public, to the benefit of the Federal Bank and its foreign customers.."
Senator Robert L. Owen: "People do not know that the Federal Bank [in America and Europe] have been established for profit, this goal is now reached.."
Benjamin Anderson, Chase National Bank New York:
"The money that prints the U.S. and European Central Bank, is thus created by them ... If they then buy government securities [with money for which they have not worked: Christian Anders] then create it reserves.They pay for this government securities with checks, they posit it.These checks will be cashed by banks and deposited in the Federal Bank. Suddenly there is money that was not there before. "
Eustice Mullins in The Secret of the Federal banks: "Instead of creating money by the production work of the people, or by the annual increase in goods and services, it is created by the banks in the debt of the people."
The deputy Patman: "The Federal Bank creates money from nothing, to buy government securities from the Treasury Federal bank gives the Treasury such as a credit over a billion dollars, out of nowhere a multi-billion debt has made, which must pay back the American people with interest.. " [Source: Fats Money, House Banking Committee and Curreney, 1964. S9]
And continues Patman: "How to Get the Bundesbank, the money that they create reserves Answer: She gets the money, it creates" [".... from scratch, I would like to add Christian Anderxs]. "
The deputy asks Jerry Voorhins [aghast] the Treasury Anderson, "You mean, Mr. Minister of Finance that the federal bank when it buys government securities, not their clients' money inverted?"
Finance Minister Anderson. "It is exactly like the Federal banks are different from other funds - and rentalstitutes as follows [and now it is coming ...] If a savings association, an insurance company or a state - give or private bank from the old-style money, then it gives the last Dollar that its customers have previously paid. But if a federal bank makes a loan, then adds the sum of a subject to the customer's account. The money is taken from nowhere. There is a new money, created by the Federal Bank for the use of Debtor. "
Henry Hazlitt, News Weeks Magazine: "The federal bank notes have absolutely no coverage whatsoever."
Senator Henry Lodge Cabut Sr.: "The powers behind the Bundesbank seems to me dangerous in the extreme."

Martin V. Mahoney, judges, Credit River Township, Scott County Minesota declared by decision of 7 December 1968, all federal banknotes counterfeit money on the ground, "God alone can create something of value from nothing." The Federal Bank objected, but Judge Mahonery did not accept the $ 2 note, for it was and is, of course, fake money. Months later, the judge was found dead. Official cause of death: heart attack. The local newspaper was the only one who had the courage to write: ".? The judge was very healthy, his death has spoken of him with the Judgement of 7 December to do about the Bundesbank"
Jerome Daly, a lawyer, defended the three men they accused of printing counterfeit money. His defense was referring to Judge Mahoney's rating: "How can you fake money that has already been forged?" Daly won the case and soon after lost his law license.
Of Griffin [writes The Fourth Reich of the Rich and Descent into Slavery: "If you owe in America and used interest-free currency, just as President John F. Kennedy planned it [could not run ...] and as President Abraham Lincoln is actually practiced [see THE BOOK OF LIGHT, Christian Anders], we would have no national debt, but billions of dollars in profit "

Legislative proposals to abolish the federal banking system worldwide, and then authorize the respective States to print money as the Constitution requires it anyway, were submitted by the following members: Louis T. McFadden, Goldsborough [HR 92 116], Voorhis [HR 2809 and HR 373], John Rarick [HR 17 140 and HR 351] and others, but unfortunately without success.

The adjustment of grip once more: "The Federal Banking Act of 1913 must be lifted clear - and the national debt, which was built up by fraud may not be recognized any longer."
McFadden on the involvement of the Bundesbank in the world economic crisis: "It was no accident It was a carefully Threaded occurrence ... The international bankers wanted to build up a atmosphere of remorse and despair for us to then control all of them.."
Henry Cabot Lodge Sr.: The Federal banking system is the gold standard with a not reversed to flood-causing flood of paper money. "And how right it had. Today [1994] we have a national debt of 54 trillion and the country itself, the Bundesbank is a relief. There is no cover, everything is used up. This land is owned by the banks. It is for" "just a way to get the money back, and this possibility is war. All that is the Federal Bank, is aimed at the 3.Worldwar.
Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. "The Federal Bank, the invisible government will create inflation whenever she wants."

President Wilson on his deathbed: "I have betrayed the American people, as I signed the Federal Bank Money, " Six Presidents of the United States have opposed the federal banking system. All six were shot, only two of them survived. The names of the six are revealed in the Book of Light. One of them was John Fritz Gerald Kennedy.

Juni1963. John F. Kennedy filed under Executive Order No. 11 011 at the pressure of $ 400 billion, and indeed as government money instead of Bundesbanknoten.Sein Father Joe [as attested by official residence in Florida], to warn, "If you do, be they kill you "
Three weeks later Kennedy was dead, the first of what LB Johnson did was not as many people think the command from Kennedy to withdraw troops from Vietnam, set to expire, no, the first was what he was to repeal Executive Order No. 11 011. There is even a rumor that the $ 400 had already been printed and were destroyed on the orders of Johnson.

Amschel Rothschild: "Give me control of the money and it does not matter who is in power!"

However, it seems as if the American people are awakening slowly, as the following information shows.

Midnight Messenger, Issue No.52 (9/29/1093) By Des Griffin, Washington, DC

People from across America gather on Capitol Hill in Washington DC To their "representatives" [ie deputies] to call upon to enforce the following bill: They demanded that the Federal Bank [which has none, by definition] are set by an outside force and brought to court because they a) unconstitutional and b) is a Marxist By the fact also illegal imported Marxist-Leninist (5.marxistische plank) income tax allowed. Amidst the many demonstrations, there was a truck filled with over two million requests, the Federal Bank, together with the Bundesbank "to send in the desert." or like me, Christian Anders propose is to shoot the moon, where they tax then another Lie, cheat and can do it just as much). "

(From: Christian Anders: The Man Who Created AIDS: Verlag Elke Straube, ISBN: 3-8311-0622-3: S, 465 - 471).


Nobody wants him and yet he is there. This once again shows how much the German has to really say when it comes to issues that are going to benefit a few families of bankers and citizens, the citizens of disadvantage. They do what they want, with or without us, the citizens. The euro is as unnecessary as the new German spelling rules. But now it is there. You can even save the euro as currency, so it is completely unimportant, as we call our currency, it is only important one, and that I call here again.:

"More in Der Rubel muss Rollen"
Christian Anders / Lanoo

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