Who owns Germany?

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Who owns Germany?

The beneficiaries of the national debt

From the TV news magazine on NDR 18.04.2002

Recipe for government debt. You take one trillion euros [that are only 1,000 billion], pack up again on it and add another € 226 billion EUR 737 million. All this results in a thirteen-digit number: € 1,226,737,000,000. Germany is so incredibly high debt of the other way around € 1300 € per second increases. [Today, there are € 1,714.50, rising].

For decades, enters each new finance minister with a promise to "consult the household, " save so-and instead simply turn once more to the debt screw. And now Germany must take up more new loans only to the interest and compound interest for the old debts on credit begleichen.Eine Republic: bad for the citizens, but good for the bankers. For those earning magnificently at the national debt. For example, the German bank, Dresdner Bank, Bayerische Hypo, the U.S. bank Morgan Stanley and many other financial institutions is yours Germany.

Moderation Anja Reschke:

When construction company Holzmann was out of business the air and space company, Dornie, the paper company Herlitz and the Kirch media mogul followed in April. All they had to announce insolvency .2002-the year of record bankruptcies. Who is affected, desperate, who is not involved is happy not to be. We really are all in debt, and that terrible, with an unimaginably large sum of € 1 trillion-that is all by the way a thousand billion times already. Then another 226 billion on top and again a few million behind. For the Federal Republic of Germany is even the deepest in debt. But with whom, actually?. This is a closely guarded secret. Who wants to know who the Republic is actually really, it is hard. My colleagues have followed the German debt track.

Comment: Hans Eichel was in a hurry. In two years he wanted to put an end to the debt policy of his predecessor. Commissioner of the savings in the race against the raging national debt. 10.000, 11.000, 12.000, 13.000, €. In the few seconds again mehr.Germanys 80,000 Euro debt liabilities, an unimaginable sum: 1.226 billion and many millions of euros.

And it ticks on relentlessly, the debt clock that has set the Taxpayers Association.

(Who wants to know. HOW scary fast the Federal Republic of Germany and the citizens in debt, let him but look on the Internet at http://www.steuerzahler.de. There, the Debt clock ticks live!

But the Debt clock within a province [z. B. Schleswig Holstein] is devastating enough! I promise you dear reader. You will be very, very thoughtful, when you have seen this first:
http://www.kn-online.de/dauer/sh [Debt clock [c liabilities, htm
Christian Anders]

O-Ton Hans Eichel [Finance Minister]:
"As a time-bomb, and that means we have breakfasted by debt in the past, much of our future. And therefore we can not continue like this. "

Comment: A Nobel address in the north of Frankfurt .Here sit the people who manage Germany's debt. As efficiently as possible, raise money for the federal government, which is the object of the elite force in the Federal Republic of Germany Finance Agency, while the additional seven traders juggle here with the state billions, the federal government about the morning too little money to pay its bills, the ado concerned: Fast debt.

O-Ton Thomas Weinberg [chief trader, financial agency]. "Today it was actually like so that we had to take a sum of about four billion euros in the market."

"So the Federal Republic of Germany today needs four billion euros."

Thomas Weinberg:
"We call, and if the opponent has just this particular volume is available, then we try to agree at an interest rate and then the deal is done and the money flowing into our treasury.."

Commentary: silent and discreet, billions for Germany to catch.Also the staggering sums of debt, which the Agency are on the market shifts back and forth, here everyday.

O-Ton Gerhard Schleif [Managing Director, Finance Agency]: "Today we have auctioned for example six-month Treasury bills of the Federal words:... We offer the group a particular bank And we we actually want to submit five billion"

Comment: Because for them, the state does not make enough debt, the bank profited from the Verschuldung.For any credit they receive interest and commissions, each year tens of billions Euro.A bomb business and handled very discreetly.
No wonder the list of creditor banks is not necessarily to the public. For theirs is Germany. At the top of the German bank, then Morgan Stanley, Dresdner Bank, Merrill Lynch, the creme de la creme of international high finance, loan amounts and interest earnings are traded like state secrets, interview requests pointless. The German bank: no comment. Dresdner Bank: No comment. Commerzbank: collect no comment .. Banks, acorn, pays the tax payer is liable.

O-Ton: Hans Eichel [Finance Minister]: "This is what we are doing now for over thirty years to pay back even if a credit is due, introducing a new order to replace the old.."

Comment: Chronicles of the debt-maker:

1971st The last uprising of the decent, Federal Finance Minister Möller resigns. The reason: In two years in office all of three billion euros in new debt. The new it has only one year. Karl Schiller said at the time. He could not make policy under the motto "After me the deluge".
withdrawal due to two billion debt.

1972nd The sequel had fewer scruples: Finance Minister Helmut Schmidt made five billion euros in debt and was chancellor, the total debt of the federal government, states and municipalities then € 91 billion

1974th With him went the debt party really begins. Hans Apel. Peace of mind and carefree on the threshold of the state of imposition.Finanzminister Apel's account after four years of € 33.5 billion debt.

1978th Mötthöfen hand, the next finance minister, provided them with even more crazy debt record 56 billion euros a Loss. His Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. And the CDU promised to make everything better. Election ad: "Let the SPD state to stop."

O-Ton: Gerhard Stoltenberg:
"With unbridled government impositionmaker Schmidt / Genscher it thus can not move on."

CDU election victory: Stoltenberg was now self-treasurer. Before big words and then again new debt: 75 billion.

Today there are already 100 billion again this year mehr.Und Hans Eichel makes new debt: 21 billion € for the federal budget.

Bad Homburg, an idyll. This is out of Eichel's book debts, in anticipation of the federal securities world, the Authority was known until recently, but that sounded too negative. In general much earlier was different. The debt was still registered in ink in thick tome. The debt book from a time when the national debt still fit between two covers. Today, the horrendous debt total is only tackled with mainframes. The debt book 2002 - a computer file. And the post to the creditors must be produced quickly in order to keep step with the debt. Debt bill receipts in seconds. Also, Bad Homburg, Germany's debt is a gray day.

O-Ton Knut Kage [President, Federal Securities Management]:
"We do not seek a higher federal debt, about to get jobs here. We have plenty of other tasks. We want to make neat and flexible."

Comment: Neat and flexible in the bankruptcy. Glans is not much time to create the turn yet. The state is bankrupt of 752 billion euros, the federal government borrowed since 1980.

Sound: Wolfgang Kitter [debt expert University of Cologne]:
"The debt will be higher and higher, in the long run, than what you have bought with loans. That is, it's now evidence already that, the deficits that you do, in the long run is not sufficient to maintain the interest burden . cover "What does that mean again? Having to pay additional interest charges on taxes again. So out of the public debt resulting ultimately only a higher tax burden. It has done nobody any good, whether the investment firms. "

Comment: From the mining of the huge debt mountain is still no question.

Now Eichel has promised to make a cent by 2006 more new debt. But he considers himself a back door still open.

O-Ton Interviewer: "You put your hand into the fire for it, that 2006 is zero?"

Hans Eichel: We did everything daran.Alles what can we do, we do. What we are never in control of the world trade cycle development.When is there a big recession, of course, sees the world differently. "

Commentary: Debt clock is the economy no matter it ticks inexorably.

O-Ton neck Friedrich Berg [former NRW Finance Minister]: "It is quite possible that our public finances to reason to say a whole, two decades further in this music, there is another state.."

Report: J. Graebert, Max von Klitzing, Stefan Stuchlik

A good service is on the website of the Federation of Taxpayers Association

€ 1,456,798,000,000
[456 Miiliarden 1 trillion 796 million]
So unbelievible is Germany's high debt,
the by the way pro sec grow by a further € 1714.
[Source: http://www.steuerzahler.de

What do you think, dear reader, would assess how the business SCHUFA behaving government? THE SCHUFA would probably classify the state as highly creditworthy. WHEREAS, the state is broke, but after all, want tens of millions of taxpayer's Public Debt gerade.Die CREDITORS, so the banks are NOT having problems, but the citizens, so if you, dear reader ....

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