The Euro

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The Euro

The euro is economically and politically to end in disaster, the consequences are unpredictable. This Monopoly-money currency is simultaneously also an insult to the intelligence in this country. A system based on the Euro currency reform is doomed to failure anyway because only half of Europe adopts the euro. The introduction of the euro is the price for German reunification, a price that you would not have been required to pay, both for the reunification of Germany, international pressure on the federal government had grown so massive, apparently that the merger of the two German states to only the price of the object was to obtain the D-Mark.

The euro is a disaster for the German people. The euro currency is the equalizer, the first step in the wrong direction.The Euro only benefits a few, namely big business. Consider that corporations pay on average 28-30% income taxes, while the middle class with an average of 66% from the fiscal authorities have to pay to wird.From the ALLIANCE BANK BAYERN have the insurance - giants over several hundred billion DM (now €) UNTAXED hidden reserves ( money monopoly profits, have to fight during the more than 7 million unemployed (and not 5 million, as I want to tell us) about its existence. Unemployment figures increase to the extent that increased the profits of corporations.

And not all politicians are corrupt and can be clamped by a financial swindle cart. John F. Kennedy was basically exactly the same as what I here explain.Only something adapted to the American system. He wanted the private bankers and the illegal Federal Reserve Act to vanish and thus the national debt .So Kennedy ordered in June 1963 under EO 11 011 (Emergency Order) the printing of 400 billion U.S. dollars interest-free government money. This pleased the private money printers but not because they live so the fact that you owe them money, and so it is completed the President. The first thing his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson did was not, as many historians believe, to change Kennedy's non-attack commands on Vietnam, no, the first thing Johnson did, was to elemanate Kennedys $ 400,000,000,000 STATE MONEY again. Some of them are still in circulation in America. Long before Kennedy was Abraham Lincoln already revolt against the corrupt banks, he printed the money, so StATE MONEY, the so-called "greenbacks" for the civil war itself and won it. What happened then to Lincoln, we know. This and many other things we found in the Book OF LIGHT.


Our money should be nationalized.

"More in Der Rubel muss Rollen"
Christian Anders / Lanoo

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