Business and economy (the U.S. rules)

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Business and economy (the U.S. rules)

There is no doubt that globalization follow American rules. The financial markets are geared towards, global companies are increasingly organized according to American patterns of consumption and capitalism American-style prevails in the world. Even in 1968, everything was different. But since the 80 years, was the pace of U.S. economic system by increasing speed. This also required the extensive rebuild of the European economies. Today, if for example the abolition of the diploma is operated and to connect to that body of the tiered system of Bachelor and Master, that is a change to the American system. Today, if for example in Germany introduced a rating on loans to SMEs. Thus, the American guidelines.
The big difference between American and German companies is this: American companies are tight and almost military buildet.The specialists sit in corporate headquarters. The German company is guided patriarchal, often family runned. They look for niches that have high added value and build long term loyalty and stable relations.
Since the introduction of Basel II in Germany, the award has been extremely difficult to obtain loans. Before, it was possible that banks could lend out long-standing knowledge about companies. The bank managers were able to act responsible. With Basel II, this is not possible. Banks must now use a standardized rating. This model is useful especially for business buyers, sellers, private equity firms and large corporations.
All of this can already be described as a cartel of high finance the East Coast, which has set itself the goal of making the world into submission.

The Roaring Nineties:
After the collapse of communism, the United States were in the nineties was the only remaining Superforce.The American economy, it seems-almost-not for long. The national debt declined. New technologies appeared to beschleunigen.In economic growth this situation, many things would have been possible: The plan and the implementation of a new benefit Weltwährungssystems.Der design and implementation of a trading system from which all countries which get involved in the composite.
But America followed his supposed interests or perhaps rather that of some individuals, companies and industry largely without regard for the interests of world society and not to their own interests in the population.

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