The citizens of Squanderville

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The citizens of Squanderville

In November, Warren Buffet offers a warning .America was about to illustrate to imporn his future .In his warning, Buffett used the image of two islands, Squanderville (City of spendthrift) and Thriftsville (City of savers).
The citizens of both islands were working eight hours a day to have it all what they would need, they began to live . One day the industrious citizens of Thriftsville srarts to work hard.From sixteen hours of half of its domestic product they lived, the other half of it exported to Squanderville . The citizens of Squanderville exulted: They dont needed now to be no longer active and could keep quiet.All their standard of living, give up what they had, were Squandervilleassets that have to emit in its own currency, the Squaderdollars.
Over time savings to the citizens of Thriftsville a large amount of Squadervilleassets, which ultimately made demands on the future social product of this island .Some economists had the hard question of how to repay the loans because that coming together with added interest payments .But the residents of Squanderville not want to hear such pessimism and rather enjoyed their beautiful life.
Eventually, the citizens of Thriftsville legitimately nervous.They began their Squandervilleassets to sale for land, houses and businesses on the island of foreign to get.One day the people of Squanderville discovered that they had not only work another eight hours to get enough food have, but many more hours to service their debts and pay the citizens of Thriftsville rents.

Now why this story here?
It reflects the whole picture again now what started as a sellout hat.Ausschlaggebend many countries and nations of this are the credit and monetary policies of central banks, who are in the U.S. and in Germany pledged in private hands .A lot of infrastructures of some countries have got a new owner .The citizens have been turned into modern slaves ... ... ....
Germany for example imborn their highways .They dont belong any more to Germans and its citizens.They will be used for the approach paths for the U.S. and its allies .In other countries in the world who receive loans to so-called structure help, resources and their operators are imporned.These are primarily oil as well and also the oil fields.Ahead of this all other resources on it .... .
You dont believe that? Be sure-it's exactly like that ... ..

love and light

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