Gold standard and gold cover

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Gold standard and gold cover

This guarantees a currency system that characterized that the amount of money a country is made of gold, in the coins or paper money issued in gold units .These banks garantues to pay off the amount on paper money in gold , if desired.At a pure gold standard corresponds the monetary value equal to the gold stock of a country.The money stock of a country are backed by gold, to 100%.
The international monetary system of the global era from 1870 to 1914 was based on the Goldstandart.The notes of each country could at the central bank at any time in exchange for a government-set ratio for gold .When thus a Hanseatic merchant went from Hamburg to London, it was his decision whether to take RM, Pound Sterling or gold.All forms of money had their fixed exchange rates.
In comparison, 2007 was the gold backing of the dollar was 1.8 %.........
There is relatively little gold on our planet.To the explanation: To date, 135,000 tons of gold grade were only found.That means all the gold could be placed in a cube of a side length at 20 meters .Also not too much.
Gold is the natural enemy of banks (state-Federal Bank, U.S. Federal Reserve is privately owned). They can not change the amount of essential or manipulate it.This precious metal is stable in value, which means that other assets can be measured against him. Gold prevents the manipulation of money and credit.Centralbanks and politicians therefore are natural interest therein, to reduce the role of gold in the world.
All forget that money can only be manipulated as long as the basic trust is there,needed towards this currency.
According to the company, the central banks have 32,000 tons of gold in their vaults so-slightly in a quarter of the goldamount.But truely there are only about 18,000 tons stocked.The central banks have given namely 14,000 tons to banks and would receive interests therfore.The Banks in turn have the gold on the open market sold.So they have the possibility to direct the gold price. Also the Bank of England announced 1999 to reduce their gold reserves.Why? A world monetary system without gold is a paradise for central banks and governments ...
The gold standard after World War II lost importance and came to an end by the sterling crisis 1931.The following monetary system was this from Bretton Woods.
In short what had happened: To generate needed resources for the war and to be able to financiate this were in England new taxes issued and this released as national budget.Paper money war put in circulation whose value was not backed by gold.
For the exchange rate fluctuations a solution has to be found.
Thus, in 1944 representatives from 24 nations meet at Bretton Woods, USA.
England was weakened by the war, America mocked of power.From the whole of the world
gold reserves of 33 billion U.S. dollars in value were 26 billion in the USA.The Bretton Woods system was based on the dollar as reserve currency, was backed by a gold reserve of $ 35 per ounce of gold .The exchange rate of the other currencies were asigned to the dollar.Factual it leaded to the result that the U.S. ruled the monetary- and conjuncturpolitic .The other countries had to adapt to the American lines.
As another part of the Bretton Woods system the International Monetary Fund IMF was founded.The IMF should countries ,which had a deficit in foreign exchange reserves, extend credit, so that they are able to arrange their fiscal and economic reforms in a certain time and produce a balance in foreign trade area again .
1971 this system was actually in the end, also founded in the Vietnamwar.Through this war came doubts up to the lasting value of the dollar .Präsident de Gaulle finally started it,to exchange the dollar bills for gold .The gold backing of the U.S. declined rapide.In August 1971 President Nixxon did what governments do when they are confronted with a seemingly intractable problem: it imposed sanctions.Through this he added to the system of Bretton Woods a contract and trust breakdown.All attempts to dissolve the problems remained Makulatur.The dollar was then written down to $ 38 per ounce of gold.
The U.S. dollar remaineduntill today as the key currency.

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